Our clients include various representatives from private industry and government agencies, including urban and rural municipalities, provincial governments, and the Government of Canada. Our industrial clientele includes oil and gas producers, wind power producers; solar power producers; gravel producers; power transmission development companies; and other infrastructure development firms.

Our team’s soil assessment expertise includes extensive experience with soil characterization and inventory for various projects, including pipeline construction projects and well site developments. Other examples of soil assessment services we provide includes:

• Soil mapping
• Post-disturbance soil assessments
• Detailed site assessments (DSA)
• Soil mitigation planning

Bear Tracks has extensive experience providing vegetation assessment and monitoring services throughout Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan. Examples of vegetation consulting services we provide includes:

  • Pre-disturbance vegetation community inventories and mapping
  • Post-disturbance vegetation assessment and monitoring
  • Rare plant and rare plant community assessments
  • Range health assessments
  • Weed surveys and monitoring
  • Vegetation community and rare plant mitigation plans
  • Clubroot sampling and mitigation

Bear Tracks offers a wide variety of wildlife consulting services tailored to meet our clients’ specific project needs while meeting appropriate regional and industry data collection standards. Examples of wildlife consulting services we provide include:

  • Pre- and post-disturbance wildlife surveys
  • Migration surveys
  • Post-construction carcass searches
  • Nest sweeps
  • Species at risk surveys
  • Breeding bird surveys
  • Bat acoustic assessments
  • Snake surveys and monitoring
  • Amphibian surveys and/or salvages
  • Wildlife habitat assessments
  • Winter mammal surveys
  • Wildlife monitoring
  • Wildlife mitigation planning

Bear Tracks offers various assessment, monitoring and mitigation services for various development scenarios concerning aquatic environments, including specialist services provided by a Qualified Aquatic Environmental Specialist (QAES). Examples of these services include:

  • Riparian assessments
  • Watercourse crossings
  • Turbidity and TSS sampling and monitoring
  • Fisheries assessments (fish salvages, fish habitat assessments, fish inventories)
  • Code of Practice notifications, Water Act Notifications
  • Wetland Assessment and Impact Form (WAIF) and Wetland Assessment and Impact Report (WAIR) including Compensation Applications
  • Desktop identification, delineation, and classification, including historical aerial review
  • Field identification, delineation, and classification
  • Wetland mitigation, including wetland replacement proposals
  • Post-construction wetland monitoring
  • Water Act submissions

The collective knowledge and experience of the Bear Tracks team allows us to provide a broad range of services concerning environmental regulatory applications and permitting under the jurisdiction of municipal, provincial and federal government in western Canada.

Several examples of regulatory applications/supporting documentation our team regularly prepares to include:

  • Conservation and Reclamation (C&R) Plans
  • Environmental Construction Operations (ECO) Plans and Environmental Protection Plans (EPP)
  • Alberta Parks Disposition Applications and Environmental Field Reports (EFR)
  • Biophysical Impact Assessments (BIA)
  • Environmental Effects Assessments
  • Water Act applications
  • Private Land Checklists for oil and gas development and seismic programs (Saskatchewan)
  • Environmental Review Forms (ERF) for oil and gas developments on federally designated First Nation reserves
  • Basic Impact Assessments (National Parks)
  • Project Proposals
  • Activities Plan, 5 Year Reporting, Aggregate Land Reviews, and SML Applications (aggregate development)
  • Department of Fisheries and Oceans Request for Review and Notifications
  • Routing and siting of facilities

We offer a range of environmental assessment and monitoring services as part of the Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) process. We adapt our approach to meet our clients’ specific needs, which often includes consideration of industry-specific regulations and unique site conditions. Examples of these services include:

• Phase I Environmental Site Assessments
• Phase II Environmental Site Assessments
• Environmental liability assessments
• Compliance groundwater monitoring programs for industrial and municipal clients
• Compliance soil monitoring programs for industrial and municipal clients
• Wellsite Reclamation Certificate Applications (Alberta)
• Acknowledgement of Reclamation Applications (Saskatchewan)

  • Seismic Programs
  • Wellsite and Pipeline Construction
  • Transmission Line Construction
  • Mining
  • Transportation
  • Other large scale construction projects